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WORLD BOOK NIGHT! Sign up for it! It’s not until April, but you need to sign up now. And it feels like April outside today anyway, so plan ahead. You will be able to pick up your books right here at WORD, and we will be having a party for all the book-picker-uppers, and it will, as you can imagine, involve food. We’re thinking pizza, due to years of elementary school pizza parties/read-ins that have forever linked in our minds the acts of eating pizza and virtuous book behavior.

(What is World Book Night, you ask? There are 30 books to choose from. You pick one that you have read and loved. You apply to hand it out, telling the kind WBN people which book you’d like and where you will hand it out and to whom. If you are approved (you will be, you’re great), you pick up your books, at WORD if you so choose, and we give you some pizza if you do. You then hand out the book you love in the place you selected to the people you think should read it on World Book Night, which is Monday, April 23. For the following week, you wear a smile filled with such contentment that your coworkers begin to suspect you have won the lottery.)

Here is the important part: THE DEADLINE TO SIGN UP IS FEBRUARY 1ST. Which is very soon. So just do it right now, and then you’ll be all set.

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