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Beautiful geniuses Elissa Schappell (Blueprints for Building Better Girls) and Cheryl Strayed (Wild, Tiny Beautiful Things), on stage at last night’s event at Public Assembly. Their conversation was filled with memorable moments (surely someone will make “F*ck the comma!” merchandise immediately), thanks to them and to our band for the night, Sweet Soubrette.

If you missed it or couldn’t stay for the signing, we brought home a nice stack of signed copies of Wild and some Blueprints!

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    Thank you, Cheryl. What you said about forgiveness was exactly what I needed to hear.
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    You were lovely, Cheryl! So happy to have been in the same room with one of my literary heroes.
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    I had so much fun at the WORD/Large-hearted Lit event last night in Brooklyn. Thanks to all you beauties who took part...
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