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The G won’t be running past Nassau for twelve weekends starting this Saturday, but never fear! Not only are we within walking distance from the Nassau stop, we put together a little photo tour for you with some suggestions for other places to visit on your way to WORD.

  • Fanaberie, 102 Nassau: Great jewelry!
  • Van Leeuwen’s Artisan Ice Cream, 632 Manhattan Ave: Get the affogato.
  • Calexico, 645 Manhattan Ave: Obviously the food is good, but we would go here for the cocktails and guacamole alone.
  • Brooklyn Industries, 660 Manhattan Ave: That’s right, Brooklyn Industries has made it all the way to Greenpoint! And the sale rack is pretty reliable.
  • Cookie Road, 659 Manhattan Ave: At their new, larger location, they’ve got a full lunch menu as well as coffee, pastries, and wifi.
  • Cup, 79 Norman Ave and Brooklyn Mac, 77 Norman Ave: A coffee shop with a lending library next to the best take-out Mac in North Brooklyn = double-win!
  • Peter Pan Donuts, 727 Manhattan Ave: If you haven’t had Peter Pan donuts yet, you probably haven’t been to one of our events. Suffice it to say, their donut holes are unparalleled.
  • Baker’s Dozen, 788 Manhattan Ave: Who doesn’t love a good bagel with schmear?
  • Upright Coffee, 860 Manhattan Ave: There are a lot of great places to get coffee in Greenpoint, in case you hadn’t noticed the trend; these folks might be the only ones with locally made almond milk, though.

And did you ever wonder where your extra change goes when you put it into the Food Pantry donation box? Voila! It’s at the Greenpoint Reformed Church at 138 Milton St.

Want a downloadable version? Click and ye shall receive!

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