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Today, tomorrow, and Saturday, one of WORD’s favorite publishers, Unbridled Books, is giving you the best ebook deal of the year on some of their best titles. 25 of their titles are only 25 cents until the end of the day Saturday! So now’s your chance to finally buy an ebook from WORD. Remember, any Google ebook you buy from WORD can be read on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or dedicated e-reader except the Kindle (yes, yes, we know, we wish things were different).  The whole list is here, and we encourage you to buy them all. $6.25 for a summer’s worth of reading? How can you resist? Operators are standing by (just email info@wordbrooklyn.com or call us at 718 383 0096 if you have any questions).

We’re going to highlight a few of our favorite titles to give you a place to start. Today, we’re recommending The Singer’s Gun, by Emily St. John Mandel. Mandel is one of WORD’s favorite new literary voices and this, her second novel, is a fantastic read year-round, but especially perfect for the summer. It’s beautifully noir-inspired, as main character Anton does everything he can to get out of the criminal life, but ends up finding himself at the heart of a complicated situation while pulling one last heist. The subtlety of what is becoming Mandel's signature writing style is just the understated touch that the story needs, and it'll fly by no matter how you read it. Download it here, read it anywhere.

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